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    Insulating hot water pipes reduces heat loss by 2°F – 4°F. Because the water is warmer, you’ll use less of it, saving water and energy. Polyethylene pipe insulation provides excellent resistance to water and water vapor and has a temperature range of -160℉ to 200℉. The insulation is energy efficient, flexible and is 100% pre-slit for easy installation. Sold in 3-foot lengths.


    Length (feet) 3
    Pipe diameter (inches) 0.75
    Wall thickness (inches) 0.5
    R-value 3.15
    Certification and Performance Requirements ASTM E 84 1" 25/50



    Instant Rebate: $4.00


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    To Install:

    On gas water heaters, keep insulation at least 8 inches away from the flue.

    Apply to hot water pipes. Use multiple pieces to cover all accessible portions of the pipe. Use provided clips to secure the insulation.