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    The TrickleStar Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip saves energy by reducing the standby power wasted by home entertainment electronics. It operates on a simple master/switched basis. When the TV is plugged into the control outlet and turned on, the peripheral devices power on. If the TV is switched off, then peripheral devices automatically switch off, thereby reducing power waste.

    It features two always-on outlets, one control (TV) outlet, and four switched (peripheral) outlets.

    Suitable for TV and home theatre setups

    1,080 Joules of surge protection at 500 VPR

    Premium quality, ceramic-encased fireproof surge protection

    40dB noise filtering

    10-year Warranty



    Model Number


    Depth (inches)

    2.7 in

    Height (inches)

    1.3 in

    Width (inches)

    15.6 in

    Length (inches)

    2.7 in

    Number of Outlets


    Cord Length (ft.)




    Joule Rating (joules)


    Maximum Current




    Special Features

    Ceramic-encased, fireproof surge protection

    Certifications and Listings

    1-UL Listed,CSA Listed

    Manufacturer Warranty

    10 years


    Instant Rebate: $21.99


    The DTE Customer price is only available to DTE residential customers. In the cart, you must first select “Apply Rebates” and your DTE electric service will be validated via the shipping address you enter. Qualified rebates will be applied to your order.  


      TrickleStar Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip+ TrickleStar Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip
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    Retail Price  $42.25 $29.99
    DTE Customer Price $20.00 $8.00
    Color Black White
    Switched Outlets Turn On Infrared activity is detected and TV is switched on Device in Control Outlet is turned on
    Switched Outlets Turn Off TV is switched off OR no movement or infrared activity during set time period Device in Control Outlet is turned off
    Number of Outlets 7 7
    Number of Always On Outlets 2 2
    Number of Switched Outlets 4 4
    Joule Rating (joules) 1080 1080
    Cord Length (feet) 4 3
    Manufacturer Warranty (years) 10 10
    Suggested for Home Entertainment Systems
    Motion Sensor  
    Infrared Remote Control Sensor  
    Resettable Circuit Breaker
    Fireproof Surge Protection
    Consumes Less Than 1 Watt at All Times

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