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    Enjoy fewer drafts, less heat loss and better energy efficiency with this affordable upgrade. This weather stripping features peel-and-stick adhesive that’s sensitive to pressure, so it’s easy to install. Just clean the surface, cut to size, peel and stick.

    This weather stripping is:

    Perfect for your windows, doors, air conditioner, attic hatch and more

    Made of 100% PVC sponge foam

    Designed to create a tight fit and strong hold


    Length (feet) 17
    Width (inches) 3/8
    Thickness (inches) 3/16



    Instant Rebate: $1.00


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    To Install:

    1. Remove any existing tape.

    2. Clean the surface and allow it to dry completely.

    3. Cut tape to desired length with scissors.

    4. Press in place with fingertips.

    5. Apply to door frame with creased side facing door on all sides.

    6. Make sure the tape is compressed by closed door.