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    Sensi Emerson Wifi T-Start

    ecobee3 lite

    Honeywell Lyric Round


    Retail Price cell2_1 cell3_1 cell4_1 cell5_1
    DTE Customer Price cell2_2 cell3_2 cell4_2 cell5_2
    Voice Enabled cell2_3 cell3_3 cell4_3 cell5_3
    Touch Display cell2_4 cell3_4 cell4_4 cell5_4
    Occupancy Detection cell2_5 cell3_5 cell4_5 cell5_5


    cell2_6 cell3_6 cell4_6 cell5_6

    Tracks Energy Usage/Savings

    cell2_7 cell3_7 cell4_7 cell5_7

    ENERGY STAR Certified

    cell2_8 cell3_8 cell4_8 cell5_8

    Room Sensors

    cell2_9 cell3_9 cell4_9 cell5_9

    Works With

    cell2_10 cell3_10 cell4_10 cell5_10

    Manufacturers Warranty (Years)

    cell2_11 cell3_11 cell4_11 cell5_11