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    Under this single-spray-option showerhead, you’ll receive pillow-soft, steady and complete coverage that keeps you warm—without using much water. This showerhead combines the perfect size and performance so you won’t sacrifice water pressure. With the Sava Spa® showerhead, you enjoy water bill and energy bill savings since you’ll use less heat per shower.

    Perfect for creating an eco-friendly shower with elegant simplicity—the style harmonizes with modern bathroom designs. WaterSense® labeled for maximum performance.

    Enjoy these advantages:

    • Efficiently flows at 1.5 GPM
    • Rubber nozzles for easy cleaning
    • Durable, corrosion-resistant plastic body
    • 39 expertly spaced, easy-to-clean jets on a large 4.4″ head
    • Pressure-compensated stream that performs well at nearly every water pressure
    • 360° ball joint that swivels for easy positioning
    • Swift installation


    Model Number N2515CH
    Flow Rate 1.5 gpm
    Connection Size ½" NPT fittings (female)
    Showerhead Face Diameter (inches) 4.4
    Finish Chrome
    Spray Pattern Single Spray
    WaterSense Certified Yes
    Manufacturer Warranty 10 year



    Instant Rebate: $6.00


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    To Install:

    1. Remove old showerhead from the shower arm by turning it counter-clockwise.

    2. Before installing the new showerhead, clean the shower arm threads.

    3. Turn on the water to wash out the pipe, then turn water off.

    4. Apply a few layers of plumber’s tape directly to the shower arm threads in a clockwise direction to create a watertight seal.

    5. Check that the screen washer is seated firmly into the showerhead before tightening.

    6. Hand tighten the showerhead onto the shower arm. Do not overtighten.

    To Clean:

    Unscrew showerhead and remove particles. Soak nozzle in hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.