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      Use the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 to transform virtually any device in your home into a smart device. Plug in lamps, TVs, dehumidifiers, fans, and more into the Aeotec Smart Switch to control them all from your smartphone. Save time and money, and live more comfortably with the Aeotec Smart Switch.

      Smarter than most connected plugs, it offers much more than just remote control. When paired with the DTE Insight app and Energy Bridge, you can see exactly how much energy plugged-in devices are consuming. Now the Smart Switch 6 gives you the ability to control everything in your house while also controlling your energy.

      Smart Switch 6 and the DTE Insight app with Energy Bridge make home automation easy. Turn lights on and off while you are away on vacation, at dawn or dusk, or right before you get home from work. Enjoy the convenience of a home that turns on right when you need it to.

      Features Include:

      Smart Home Control: Turn any 110V device or appliance into a smart device. Just plug it in and control from your smartphone or through Amazon Alexa.

      Smart Actions™: While away on vacation or at work, use Smart Actions to create a schedule for individual devices or groups of devices connected to the Aeotec Smart Switch in the DTE Insight app.

      Energy Monitoring: Use with the DTE Insight app to see how much electricity each device is using when it's on and over the course of the month.

      Compact Size: With a new, smaller size you won’t obstruct other devices from being plugged in to an outlet.

      USB Charging Port: Keep your smartphones and tablets charged up with an integrated USB port (1.5A).

      Secure Connection: Securely encrypted with wireless Z-Wave technology.

      Surge Protected: Built-in surge protector and over-current protector.


      Model Number ZW096
      Max standby power 0.8W
      Repeater Yes
      Beaming Yes
      USB output DC 5V±0.3V, 1000mA
      Operating temperature 32℉ to 104℉ (0℃ to 40℃
      Operating humidity 8% to 80%
      Minimum energy sensor reading 2W
      Energy reading percentage of error Less than 300W: ±3W, Greater or equal to 300W: ±1%


      View the manufacturer’s User Guide.

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